She Don’t Love Me Today

John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

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Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass


  1. She Don’t Love Me Today -:-- / 3:18

She’s so sweet and kind
I can’t believe she’s mine
I will love her ‘til my dyin’ day She will never leave me
I will never stray
But she don’t love me today

My old buddy strolled in bout quarter ‘til 10 Said he’d like to go out for a beer
About half past 3, I was too drunk to see
My baby said don’t show your face round here

‘Til tomorrow
If you’re lucky
Now, go get me some flowers

We went shoppin’ for Ma Judy at the local five and dime Ran into a girl I used to know
Oh, darling it’s all history, you know that you’re the one But I found myself walkin’ on back home

In the rain
Without a raincoat In my Sunday boots

Lord knows I treat her right

Lord knows she lights up my life
Lord knows I’m broken, but I’m steady on the mend I’ll do my best to not do bad again

We ain’t got a lot of money, but my credit card was clear And I saw that beauty shinin’ in the sun
Just a swipe and a sign, that fat boy was mine
But sleepin’ in it wasn’t near as fun

It was on Sale It’s used
I bought it for us

Written by John Driskell Hopkins