Runaway Train feat. Jerry Douglas

John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

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Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass


  1. Runaway Train feat. Jerry Douglas -:-- / 4:27

Well, I started in the coal mine turning up the ground Tryin’ to power up my engine tryin to conjure up a sound When the fire started burning ‘til the furnace glowed red I could feel the tracks crawling
Toward the bridges up ahead

When the rattle starts rolling and the humming turns to whine There’s no sleeping in the cabin through the storming outside You can buckle up your belt, put a helmet on your head,
But there’s no slowing down ‘til you’re broken or you’re dead

It’s a runaway train
A wrecking ball of disaster
I can’t explain it
Just keeps on Rollin faster
The turns keep me up all night
So I lock it down and hold on tight Good God Almighty
It’s a runaway train

You know the boys in the band they can understand Cause we built this rig with our own two hands
It’s all about the people, all about the crowd
Makes us get up in the morning and sing it out loud

I got my woman waiting for me slinging babies all day
Trying to keep her composure with another on the way
You know the lovin’s strong when I’m with ’em at home
But the suits keep blowing up my phone it’s so hard to stay gone

When the good lord tells me it’s time to come home When the rails get busted and and the wheels won’t turn Set at coal scuttle down next to my stone
And remember my drive when my drivin’s done

Written by John Driskell Hopkins