John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

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Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass


  1. Nothing -:-- / 3:53

I cried all night when you told me that I’d lost you I died inside as I watched you walk away
And all this time I didn’t doubt your reasons
But I can’t heal what you can’t replace

Now I sleep like a baby
All my dreams come true Cause the rest of my life Has nothing to do with you

I pulled up my favorite chair at my favorite tavern
I turned to see you standing there with envy in your eyes And I saved your life from 13 years of anger
But I broke every bone on the way home swinging at the sky

I stumbled in to find you crying in the kitchen
I argued with a broken heart and fabricated pride
And the battle raged for hours, but I didn’t have the power To make you understand, so you turned and said goodbye

Written by John Driskell Hopkins