It’s Not OK

John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

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Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass


  1. It’s Not OK -:-- / 3:58

A man was bothering me today
I wanted to tell him to go away
But I stood and listened to him anyway, OK? He said he didn’t want to shoot that man
It was his thing and I wouldn’t understand He had done all that he can, OK?

I guess his body was as good as mine
Just like me he was wasting time
Turning over every stone to see what he could find, OK?
He was filling tank and he asked for money
I lied and said I didn’t have any
Then my conscience took over and gave him a handful of change.

Don’t do a thing.
Stay right there.
You’ll lie there.
You don’t seem to care

I know it’s hard to survive in the city
When beautiful days don’t look so pretty
And you don’t have windows to keep the night away, OK? He was dirty and stink and just a bit crude
But I didn’t say that because that’s kind of rude
And he didn’t care what I had to say in the first place. OK…

I wanted to say you’re a big disgrace
To the world, yourself, and the human race
And reach back and pop him one good time in the face, OK? No, it’s not OK and I didn’t do that
But I gave him a smile and tipped my hat and
Told him to have a very nice rest of the day

I guess he bought some booze with it
And sure that bothers me a little bit but
It’s his life and I can’t tell him how to live it As he turned and started to go his way
I tried to think of something wise to say like…

Written by John Driskell Hopkins