I Will Lay Me Down feat. Zac Brown

John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

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Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass


  1. I Will Lay Me Down feat. Zac Brown -:-- / 3:39

When my day is done
When my race is run
I will lay me down.
When I’ve said all I can say When tomorrow becomes today I will lay me down

You can hear me singing harmony all day long I been sifting through my lyrics
And searching for a song
I got the music in me

But sometimes the melody is wrong
I’ll keep putting the pen to paper until I’m gone

Whenever she’s with me, I’m at home Wherever we are standing
Wherever we may roam
We built a family

We will never be alone
Holding on to love till we pass on

Every day’s a brand new page
And I hang on every word
Only God knows how the story ends
So I’ll forget about my age
I know it sounds absurd
But I’ll live and laugh and love until then

Written by John Driskell Hopkins and Jeff Hyde