John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

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Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass


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I wish my daddy was a doctor of philosophy
It’s hard to teach a boy to read through men with radiology You can study all the people bone by bone
But you can’t see the darkness down within a man’s soul

I wish my momma could have read the world
It’s hard to teach experience with an English degree You can talk to the people like a politician
But I prefer to be taken seriously

There was a man in a dumpster
I swear I saw him breathing
A woman with a youngster fighting for feeding There was a child with a future
Opportunity is fleeting
An immigrant believer whose faith is now retreating A line undefined
Telling me how to get home
A rule learned in school
Trying to make it on my own
A prayer in the pew
Telling me how I should love you
There’s a hole in my soul

I wish my brother could show me how to love
He’s been loving me through victory and things that I’ll not speak of You can smile at the people when your heart is feeling low
You can reach for the people when your arms are moving slow
You can walk with the people when all you want to do is go
If I only knew how to do that that’s all I’d want to know

Right on, right on

Written by John Driskell Hopkins