Bye Baby Goodbye feat. Joey + Rory

John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

Record Details

Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass


  1. Bye Baby Goodbye feat. Joey + Rory -:-- / 4:08

Well, I’m all packed up and ready to go
Just heard the horn on the old bus blow
Got a 10 hour drive give or take one or two The only thing left for me now to do … is say

Bye baby goodbye
Don’t cry baby don’t cry
You know I’d stay if I could Promise you that I will be good Bye baby goodbye

Every time that I go it hurts me more
Our children grow taller than they were before
I try to take some comfort in the good we spread around I can see your sweet face as I lay my head down

And all that I ask is this
Could you give me just one more kiss? I know my heart will be aching til I
Can be back here at home by your side

Written by John Driskell Hopkins and Rory Feek