John Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range

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Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Newgrass, Bluegrass

Apple iTunes Review: “For Daylight, John Driskell Hopkins takes a break from his duties with Zac Brown Band to team up with the bluegrass combo Balsam Range. The resuk’s a spirited project filled with down-home wisdom and humor, Hopkins has a body, emotive baritone and a musical sensibility steeped in classic Southern rock and jam-bad influences. Though he erupts in bear-like growls at times, his persona is often unguardedly tender, especially on “Bye Baby Goodbye^ M bittersweet duet with Joey Feek of Joey. Rory) and “Flow Could Eye” M pledge of devotion featuring ham/songwriter Levi Lowrey,. His playful, Dixie-fried wk comes through in .she Don’t Love me Today” an,irs Nm OK,” …his knack for rootaY ia evideM in “The Devil Lives in a Mason Jar,” Balsam Range shows ks prowess as an the on “Runaway Train” (with Jerry Douglas offering scorching licks on dobro), “The Grass Don’t Get No Greener” (a rollicking track that veers from swing to bluegrass and back again), and the fast-paced title track. Zac Brown stops by to contribute vocals to the gospel-tinged “I Will Lay Me Down,” adding to the warm family feeling of this engaging release.”