Well, I'm all packed up and ready to go
    Just heard the horn on the old bus blow
    Got a 10 hour drive give or take one or two The only thing left for me now to do ... is say

    Bye baby goodbye
    Don't cry baby don't cry
    You know I'd stay if I could Promise you that I will be good Bye baby goodbye

    Every time that I go it hurts me more
    Our children grow taller than they were before
    I try to take some comfort in the good we spread around I can see your sweet face as I lay my head down

    And all that I ask is this
    Could you give me just one more kiss? I know my heart will be aching til I
    Can be back here at home by your side

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins and Rory Feek

    Well, I started in the coal mine turning up the ground Tryin’ to power up my engine tryin to conjure up a sound When the fire started burning ‘til the furnace glowed red I could feel the tracks crawling
    Toward the bridges up ahead

    When the rattle starts rolling and the humming turns to whine There's no sleeping in the cabin through the storming outside You can buckle up your belt, put a helmet on your head,
    But there's no slowing down ‘til you're broken or you're dead

    It's a runaway train
    A wrecking ball of disaster
    I can't explain it
    Just keeps on Rollin faster
    The turns keep me up all night
    So I lock it down and hold on tight Good God Almighty
    It's a runaway train

    You know the boys in the band they can understand Cause we built this rig with our own two hands
    It's all about the people, all about the crowd
    Makes us get up in the morning and sing it out loud

    I got my woman waiting for me slinging babies all day
    Trying to keep her composure with another on the way
    You know the lovin's strong when I'm with 'em at home
    But the suits keep blowing up my phone it's so hard to stay gone

    When the good lord tells me it's time to come home When the rails get busted and and the wheels won't turn Set at coal scuttle down next to my stone
    And remember my drive when my drivin's done

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins

    When my day is done
    When my race is run
    I will lay me down.
    When I've said all I can say When tomorrow becomes today I will lay me down

    You can hear me singing harmony all day long I been sifting through my lyrics
    And searching for a song
    I got the music in me

    But sometimes the melody is wrong
    I'll keep putting the pen to paper until I'm gone

    Whenever she's with me, I'm at home Wherever we are standing
    Wherever we may roam
    We built a family

    We will never be alone
    Holding on to love till we pass on

    Every day's a brand new page
    And I hang on every word
    Only God knows how the story ends
    So I'll forget about my age
    I know it sounds absurd
    But I'll live and laugh and love until then

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins and Jeff Hyde

    The grass don't get no greener
    Than on my side of the fence
    I whooped my demons years ago And I ain't seen 'em since
    So I been living cleaner
    And I don't get so tense
    ‘Cause the grass don't get no greener Than on my side of the fence

    But I remember a time When I thought I would die No matter how hard I tried She was never satisfied

    The grass don't get no bluer
    Than on my side of the fence
    She lit out of her three months ago I ain't seen her since
    My bills are high lonesome
    I can't pay the rent
    And the grass don't get no bluer Than on my side of the fence

    So I cried and I cried
    And I shouted at the sky And I went down full throttle And I lived in my bottle
    Just to get by

    The grass don't get no kinder
    Than on my side of the fence
    My buzz kicked into overdrive
    And I don't make no sense
    So burn my lemons faster
    And reconvene my tents
    ‘Cause the grass don't get no kinder Than on my side of the fence

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins
  • DJ

    I wish my daddy was a doctor of philosophy
    It’s hard to teach a boy to read through men with radiology You can study all the people bone by bone
    But you can’t see the darkness down within a man’s soul

    I wish my momma could have read the world
    It’s hard to teach experience with an English degree You can talk to the people like a politician
    But I prefer to be taken seriously

    There was a man in a dumpster
    I swear I saw him breathing
    A woman with a youngster fighting for feeding There was a child with a future
    Opportunity is fleeting
    An immigrant believer whose faith is now retreating A line undefined
    Telling me how to get home
    A rule learned in school
    Trying to make it on my own
    A prayer in the pew
    Telling me how I should love you
    There’s a hole in my soul

    I wish my brother could show me how to love
    He’s been loving me through victory and things that I’ll not speak of You can smile at the people when your heart is feeling low
    You can reach for the people when your arms are moving slow
    You can walk with the people when all you want to do is go
    If I only knew how to do that that’s all I’d want to know

    Right on, right on

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins

    The Devil lives in a Mason Jar
    His face is clear, but his soul is dark Pickin’ through the pieces of the peaches

    The Devil makes you 10 feet tall
    Swimming around in the ethanol
    Drowning sorrows more sorrowful than he is

    I can never turn away before he comes to make his claim on me Please believe if I could see him creeping up I’d turn my tail & leave

    The Devil lives in a Mason Jar Out in the shed in my backyard Calling me from the hand of Jesus

    The Devil hollers out my name
    Drags me out into the flame
    Drowning sorrows more sorrowful than he is.

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins and Jim McCormick

    So Tomorrow I’ll begin
    Jotting down the tasks I’ve laid before me
    Noticing the obstacles I didn’t see
    Planning out my day as though I needed things to do Just like yesterday

    Junior came to town
    He confides in me
    I toss him some wrong answers
    “It’s become much less a passion than a hassle” “I’ve come up with a few more foes to wrestle” “But that’s all”

    When I break through Daylight
    You and I will see each other clearly When I shake these shadows
    I’ll learn to live the life I love so dearly

    That bone’s still broken
    The one that held my heart inside my chest
    I’ve grown accustomed to the pain, I must confess No one’s promised me they’ll find a cast that fits I’m still waiting

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins & Sean McIntyre

    Baby, do you know how much I love you? Maybe I can tell you one more time
    You don't have to lie awake and wonder Through the night... how could I?

    Ever turn my back on all my family? Ever pull down lightening from the sky? Ever end my love affair with Dixie? Ever make you cry, how could I?

    Darling, let me free you from your worry Lock away your fear and ease your mind Years will come and go but you’ll still find me By your side... How could I?

    It is clear
    Sometimes I can't be here. But
    It is wrong
    To think you're all alone.
    In this world
    Seems you’re stuck with me until the day I die. How could I?

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins and Levi Lowrey

    I cried all night when you told me that I’d lost you I died inside as I watched you walk away
    And all this time I didn’t doubt your reasons
    But I can’t heal what you can’t replace

    Now I sleep like a baby
    All my dreams come true Cause the rest of my life Has nothing to do with you

    I pulled up my favorite chair at my favorite tavern
    I turned to see you standing there with envy in your eyes And I saved your life from 13 years of anger
    But I broke every bone on the way home swinging at the sky

    I stumbled in to find you crying in the kitchen
    I argued with a broken heart and fabricated pride
    And the battle raged for hours, but I didn’t have the power To make you understand, so you turned and said goodbye

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins

    In the arms of gentle beauty
    In the throes of auburn hair
    I could babble on for hours
    And sleep right through your stare On that corner off of Tharpe Street Where I used to run and hide

    I had visions in our passion That compel me to decide

    To love you forever
    To call you my own
    To make you my lover
    To make you my home To build our own family To take on the world You’d make me so happy If you would be my girl

    There’s a path in Cinque Terra Lovers carve their hearts in stone Where I gazed out over heaven And thought of you alone

    When the sun fell through the water I stood and wrung my hands
    Crying “Lord show me compassion And let me be the man”

    I’m crazy about you, baby

    I keep dreaming of our future I keep whispering your name I know my precious treasures You hold all of them

    I’ve been counting every heartbeat I’ve been burning in my skin
    Every second is a lifetime
    So, baby take my hand

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins

    She's so sweet and kind
    I can’t believe she’s mine
    I will love her ‘til my dyin' day She will never leave me
    I will never stray
    But she don't love me today

    My old buddy strolled in bout quarter ‘til 10 Said he'd like to go out for a beer
    About half past 3, I was too drunk to see
    My baby said don’t show your face round here

    ‘Til tomorrow
    If you’re lucky
    Now, go get me some flowers

    We went shoppin’ for Ma Judy at the local five and dime Ran into a girl I used to know
    Oh, darling it’s all history, you know that you’re the one But I found myself walkin’ on back home

    In the rain
    Without a raincoat In my Sunday boots

    Lord knows I treat her right

    Lord knows she lights up my life
    Lord knows I’m broken, but I’m steady on the mend I’ll do my best to not do bad again

    We ain’t got a lot of money, but my credit card was clear And I saw that beauty shinin’ in the sun
    Just a swipe and a sign, that fat boy was mine
    But sleepin’ in it wasn’t near as fun

    It was on Sale It’s used
    I bought it for us

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins

    A man was bothering me today
    I wanted to tell him to go away
    But I stood and listened to him anyway, OK? He said he didn't want to shoot that man
    It was his thing and I wouldn't understand He had done all that he can, OK?

    I guess his body was as good as mine
    Just like me he was wasting time
    Turning over every stone to see what he could find, OK?
    He was filling tank and he asked for money
    I lied and said I didn't have any
    Then my conscience took over and gave him a handful of change.

    Don't do a thing.
    Stay right there.
    You'll lie there.
    You don't seem to care

    I know it's hard to survive in the city
    When beautiful days don't look so pretty
    And you don't have windows to keep the night away, OK? He was dirty and stink and just a bit crude
    But I didn't say that because that's kind of rude
    And he didn't care what I had to say in the first place. OK...

    I wanted to say you're a big disgrace
    To the world, yourself, and the human race
    And reach back and pop him one good time in the face, OK? No, it's not OK and I didn't do that
    But I gave him a smile and tipped my hat and
    Told him to have a very nice rest of the day

    I guess he bought some booze with it
    And sure that bothers me a little bit but
    It's his life and I can't tell him how to live it As he turned and started to go his way
    I tried to think of something wise to say like...

    Written by John Driskell Hopkins

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